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Whole Fitness Lifestyle Plans

Fitness & Nutrition

30 min Virtual Training Sessions

Tailored workouts according to the individual's life goals and fitness goals. Over time, I will introduce new exercises and adjust frequency as appropriate. 


Nutrition Coaching

I provide you with guidance to help you optimize your diet and create good habits to achieve personal goals while staying social! (Or when you're busy on long shoot/tech days on location.)


​I help you to achieve "Whole Fitness" including occupation satisfaction, relationship satisfaction (within yourself and with others), and tools for overall maintenance through life challenges. 


In(virtual)-Person Grocery Shopping

I can take you on a guided tour of your local grocery store and show you how to make healthy choices that fit your nutrition goals.


Menu Selection for Eating Out

I will provide you with guidance on making healthy choices when eating out (or lingering around craft service), so you can enjoy meals with friends and family without sacrificing your progress.

All Plans Include...

1:1 Coaching

Customized Programming

I work with you to create a customized fitness, nutrition, and wellness plan that's tailored to your unique needs and goals. 

Accountability Partner
Meet your new 24/7 accountabili-buddy! I'm here for you through the weeds to the victories.


Smartphone Workout App

An easy-to-use workout app makes it simple to access your workouts from anywhere, at any time.


Monthly bonus virtual group class 

FREE for all 1:1 clients. Yoga, meditation, home circuits, etc. Themed seasonally to compliment your body and mind in regards for the time of year.

  • FREE 15 minute Consultation

    Valid for one month
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