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V-Side is the Victorious Side!

A play on the idea of the B-Side of a record. The A-Side has what is in fashion for the moment, what influencers say about how they lost 50lbs in 23 days (which is not a smart choice, btw), or how all the wrinkles disappeared with this non-scientifically peer reviewed oil, or how they have as much energy as they did when they were 22 with, again, this non-scientifically peer reviewed supplement and not exercising... the B-Side is where the substance is, the experimentation, the growth, the playfulness. Famous B-Sides include "La Bomba" by Ritchie Valens, "Erotic City" by Prince, "We Will Rock You" by Queen, "Into The Groove" by Madonna. I don't want to imagine what my life would be without these B-Sides! And I definitely don't want to imagine my life without substance. Victory comes from achieving a goal with applied work. I choose Victory over "snake oil."


V-Side Fitness, Health & Wellness is the alternative to fad diets and workouts. Coach Amber brings the focus to science backed fitness, health and wellness methods and tools to guide you to VICTORY and a lifestyle that opens possibilities, and is sustainable. 

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Meet Coach Amber

As a multi-passionate artist I have worked in many capacities in the arts. Photographer for a charity walk to trampoline stunt extra. As a fitness professional I have been teaching fitness, health & wellness since 2008. They are not separate to me. Without my health & fitness interest and drive there are a lot of artistic opportunities I would never have been able to experience. My balance is: without one the other cannot thrive. I am an RYT200 (Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher) and NASM-CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer). As a coach and teacher, I love little more than hearing my students talk about their wins. That's the chocolate that feeds my soul.

A little history to present: I am an artist. I graduated from the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland; trained in commedia dell'Arte in Reggio Emilia, Italy with Antonio Fava. I maintain a shared fine art studio space in NE Minneapolis, MN where my paintings and wall sculptures are displayed and sold, I trained as a dancer and professionally danced in Europe, Mexico and the USA. As an actress and signer I've performed around Europe and the USA. I've worked in the film industry behind the camera, sometimes in front, and directed a range of theatre from musicals to intense drama, to the absurd. I am currently based in Minnesota but have a network of artists throughout the USA in NYC, Chicago, LA and around the world in Mexico, Brazil, across Europe and Australia. 

Amber Lee Olivier
Amber Lee Olivier
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