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V-Side Fitness & Wellness Coaching
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Welcome to the V-Side! 

A corner of the universe where fitness, nutrition, and wellness are allowed to be fun and sustainable. 
Where your wellbeing--inside and outsi
de--are encouraged, cared for, challenged, and molded into the image your pet sees you as.

Apps and online programs do not recognize your unique circumstances, but your V-Side will!

"I’ll help you adjust as your schedule or environment changes, create good habits, and update your workouts based on your progress. " - Coach Amber


What Are You Looking to Do?

✔️ Get back in shape, or get in shape for the first time

✔️ Feel more confident in your own body

✔️ Have more energy throughout the day

✔️ Hike with your family and not worry you’ll fall behind

✔️ Level up your weightlifting skills & strength

✔️ Create a healthier relationship with food


✔️ Develop guilt-free eating habits

✔️ Finally escape the start-stop cycle of "getting healthy"

✔️ Land the audition for your dream role

Let's Get You There!

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Amber provides compassionate, technique-based coaching with helpful adjustments and amazing "bedside manner."

Steve C., MN

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