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fit brunette woman, personal trainer, Amber Lee Olivier

Whole Fitness | you can't have one, but you can have it all

Hi, I'm Amber

What is Whole Fitness? It's a simple way for me to say that cherry picking what you are ready to change in order to reach a goal won't work.

If you want to:

     Get back in shape, or get in shape for the first time - it's more than exercising

     Feel more confident in your own body - it's more than healthy eating and exercising

     Have more energy throughout the day - it's more than an energy drink

     Hike with your family and not worry you’ll fall behind - it's more than taking the stairs at work (but that's a start)

     Create a healthier relationship with food - it's more than planning your weekly meals


     Develop guilt-free eating habits - it's not forcefully restricting

     Finally escape the start-stop cycle of "getting healthy" - it's more than starting every Monday

     Land the audition for your dream role - it's the reason you care in the first place!

Commit to yourself that you're willing to run towards fear, with no more excuses. Let's get you to where you want to be with yourself so you can present your best self!


Amber provides compassionate, technique-based coaching with helpful adjustments and amazing "bedside manner."

Steve C., MN

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